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Celebrating International Coffee Day

Celebrating International Coffee Day
This International Coffee Day we're delighted to celebrate our part in such a fantastic industry.
There's so much to talk about in coffee, and we encourage everyone to explore all there is to - from origin, to roasting, to brewing and more. We couldn't possible offer all of that in a blog post, so instead, today we're an insight into our part of the coffee world, in conversation with our team. So keep on scrolling to find out what coffee means us...


We asked a few of our team members at Industry Beans, what coffee means to them, and here's what they've said:
"Coffee is happiness! I get so much joy from being able to share great coffee with so many great people." - Alex Lees, Wholesale Operations Manager
"Coffee is about making new friends and create community" - Andy Dharmanata, Senior Barista
"What I love about coffee is that all that effort and all that work that goes, from farmer to roaster, can be completely undone or totally realised in a matter of seconds by the person making that cup of coffee. Keeps it exciting and means there's always an opportunity to make that little bit better " - Steve Simmons, Chief Operations Officer
"I think this might be a universal sentiment, and just part of why coffee is so meaningful - but to me coffee means ritual, in the most comforting and uplifting way. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and know I have that first brew to look forward to as well as my afternoon iced coffee which I currently can’t do without!" - Geraldine Worner, Marketing Manager
"The fact that a humble coffee bean can be interpreted in so many ways and can change so much though processing, roasting, brewing is fascinating to me and so wonderful. I also definitely vibe with the ritual of coffee and how ingrained it is into our daily life." - Temily Howard, Customer Service Coordinator
"Firstly, coffee is so much more than just something we drink to wake up! Coffee means so many things to me, but lately I love the social element, people are getting really into talking about coffee, which I love to do.

More and more people are asking questions, and speaking to baristas when they are buying coffee; they are thinking about everything to do with coffee, like which country it comes from and the farmers who grow it, and this is so important to me." - Manu Iglesias, Coffee Roaster and Product Developer


To mark the day, and to celebrate all good coffee, we want to shout you a cold brew coffee! This weekend, head into any of our cafes, or jump onto our online store, and with any retail purchase we'll give you a complimentary can of our Still Cold Brew.
T&CS: Make any retail purchase and receive a free Single Origin Cold Brew Can - Still included. Offer valid for purchases made from Friday 30th September 5.00pm AEST until Sunday 2nd October 11.59pm in Industry Beans Cafes and at This offer can be redeemed multiple times throughout the period.
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