Industry Beans x Bakedown Seasonal Artisan Chocolates

We teamed up with Sydney’s Bakedown Cakery to create the ultimate coffee lover’s treat: Summer Espresso infused chocolates! We’re talking a crunchy coffee bean chocolate block and a pair of smooth single origin ganache-filled truffles.


Each season Industry Beans develops a premium flagship Seasonal Blend for espresso that reflects nature’s shifts in colour, flavour and mood. This Summer Blend is a combination of Ngozi from Burundi and Sao Benedito from Brazil, two unique coffees from two different continents. The end result is a blend that references summer fruits and festive desserts.

The chocolates have been developed to reflect and complement this Seasonal Espresso, featuring both the blend and the two single origins as an immersive pairing.


The chocolate used by Bakedown is a 35% milk chocolate with a strong cocoa flavour and a biscuity finish. For the 24 Hour Chocolate Blocks, chocolate is melted and infused with freshly ground coffee, then kept overnight at around 45 degrees Celsius to facilitate a 24 hour infusion. Once the infusion is just right, the chocolate is strained to remove the larger pieces of the grounds, resulting in a delicate crunchiness from the residual coffee.

The pair of Truffles are each filled with a ganache infused with one of the two single origins that make up Industry Beans’ Summer Seasonal Espresso Blend. To create the Single Origin Truffle pairing, each single origin is freshly ground and simmered with cream and carefully strained, then the chocolate melted into the infusion. The resulting ganache is hand-blended to make sure it's ultra-smooth for melt in your mouth deliciousness! The truffles are finished in a coffee bean mould and packaged in a collaborative truffle pack.


The Summer coffee and chocolate dream team will be walking out the door, so come in and enjoy yours with a Summer Espresso in Fitzroy or Lt. Collins, or grab some for home. Available in store only!