Our New Filter Single Origin Release: Finca Hartmann, Panama

This month, we're excited to once again offer Finca Hartmann, Panama as a filter roast. For those who have been brewing with us for a while, you might be familiar with this delicious coffee - as this marks the sixth year we've sourced and roasted it! Keep on reading to read more about the coffee, and why it's been one of our favourites, year in and year out.
Every year Finca Hartmann's tropical fruit qualities are what stands out at first, but what really takes this coffee to another level is the balance between its fruity front-end and rich chocolate finish.
This is thanks to the Black Winey process, where coffee cherries are picked when they're darker and riper than usual, and sun-dried on raised beds. This process gives the coffee a complex character, and a sweet lingering finish.
With this year's fresh crop, a hint of hazelnut adds a new dimension, and results in a new sticky sweetness quality and fuller cup profile. When brewed, this coffee has tasting notes of plum jam, preserved lemon and hazelnut praline - it's incredibly well balanced and works perfectly for any brew method.

The Hartmann Estate is situated in Panama, which borders Colombia and Costa Rica. Panama has the reputation of producing some of the best and most sought-after coffees of the world. With surrounding land that is full of rich nutritional and fertile soils, it gives Panama the perfect conditions to grow specialty coffee.

The coffee produced by the Hartmann Estate continues to be high-quality year on year, a testament to their three generations of family ownership. That's a big part of the reason why we've continued to source and roast this delicious coffee year after year.

If you're curious for a taste, or have been waiting for this notoriously delicious coffee to be back, you can purchase on our online store while it lasts.