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Our Favourite Gifts For Coffee Lovers!

Our Favourite Gifts For Coffee Lovers!

In need of gift ideas? We've all been there - we understand it's not always easy! So whether you're shopping for a birthday or a special occasion, we've got you covered.

Check out our list of coffee-fuelled gifts suitable for whoever you're getting a gift for - Parents, Extended Family, Siblings, Friends, Neighbours or just yourself (we won't judge 😉).

Espresso Blend Bundle

This pack is the perfect way to get to know our espresso blend family. Each of our blends has been designed for the best flavour, quality and consistency. Whether developed for one of our cafes or to represent the flavours of the season, each blend is a harmonious combination of two or three single origins that we love.

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Cold Brew Taster Pack

We've created the ultimate cold brew bundle, including our best sellers and our newest member of the cold brew family - the Fitzroy Iced - a cult favourite in our community.

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Gift Coffee Subscription

An Industry Beans Coffee Subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. It's refreshingly simple to set up - all you need to do is select a coffee and size, and how many times you'd like it sent out. We take care of the admin from there so that you can sit back, satisfied that you've given the best gift of the season!

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Cold Brew Starter Kit

Know someone who enjoys filter coffee without the fuss? We have bundled the Hario Cold Brewer with 2 different Coffees to get you started making great cold brew with ease. With our Filter Single Origin Roasters Pick, you will get lighter more fruit-forward brews and with our seasonal you will get a richer, stronger brew.

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French Press Starter Kit

Looking for an easy, reliable way to make great plunger coffee at home? We have bundled our Frank Green French Press with our Filter Single Origin Roaster's Pick and Seasonal Espresso Blend to get them started making plunger coffee in no time.

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Still Not Sure?

Give them a Gift Voucher for an Industry Beans Cafe or our online store.

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