Tirra Estate, Costa Rica

This week we are excited to release a new naturally processed Costa Rican microlot, Tirra Estate. Tirra Estate represents so many things that we love in coffee: community, traceability and quality.

Tirra Estate Sign

Located within the district of San Marco at elevations of 1500-1600 masl, it’s owned by the Coopetarrazu cooperative, and was purchased to conduct coffee research specific to microlot production.

Farmer with plant

The Coopetarrazu champions a rigorous sustainability plan to track their environmental impact, implement better practices, and create a culture of environmental respect among members and children. An impressive culture of scientific endeavor grounds an even more impressive array of programs and initiatives, a few of which we’d love to share with you below:

  • Members are offered free seeds and soil analyses, allowing farmers to undertake reforestation and understand how topography and surrounding ecosystems impact their soil.
  • Education programs are provided for the community youth, focusing on the tracking of birds and insect populations and the important role these species play in coffee production and ecosystem maintenance.
  • Seasonal migrants are supported with on-site housing and events and festivals throughout the year to recereate the cultural landscape of their home towns.

Tirra Estate Costa Rica

Not only is this excellent microlot highly ethical and traceable, it’s also delicious! With boozy notes of red wine, chocolate fondant and blueberry this high grade natural is rich and warming, a perfect accompaniment to these cooler wintery days.

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