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Our New Recyclable Coffee Bags

Our New Recyclable Coffee Bags

We're always looking for ways to make our business more sustainable.

In our roasteries, we’ve moved towards roasters that use less than 30% of the gas a traditional roaster uses. We recycle all of our soft plastics, coffee chaff, hessian sacks and run as close to a paperless operation as we can. All alongside sourcing sustainable quality year in and year out.

In our cafes, we divert our coffee grounds to gardens and compost. All of our take away packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, and we take every opportunity to promote reusable cups over single use cups via in store discounts and education.

This month, we’re excited to be rolling out fully recyclable coffee bags.


Coffee bags have always been a tricky one, because preserving the quality and freshness of our most important product is of paramount importance to us.

We’ve spent two years trying and testing dozens of different bags, with differing degrees of recyclability, biodegradability and reusability, but none offered the right solution.

Enter: Eco Barista™ Recyclable Coffee Bags. A premium, fully recyclable bag designed in Australia and the best solution we’ve found to keep our beans fresh in packaging that works and looks the part, too. 

These bags are made using soft plastics (polyethelyn), stripping away aluminium and using a removable valve to ensure the bag can be recycled and coffee is protected and kept fresh.

By adopting these coffee bags, we (and you!) are taking a big step towards minimising our carbon footprints around coffee consumption, whilst keeping coffee quality at the forefront.

These bags can be recycled in your usual soft plastics recycling stream, and don’t sacrifice any of the conveniences you’re used to, with a minimally designed valve to release gases and a resealable rippa zippa on our 250g bags.

Don’t worry about the label – it’s recyclable too.

You’ll notice we’re transitioning to these bags in a gradual process – using up the rest of our existing stock to avoid any waste. You should see your 250g bags with their new recyclable look this week, and your 1kg bags over the next month.

Let us know what you think of them!

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