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Some of the Best Coffee & Brunch Moments in Fitzroy

Some of the Best Coffee & Brunch Moments in Fitzroy

Did you hear the news? Our Fitzroy Café is moving (only a few hundred meters – catch up on the details here). Here, we created hundreds of incredible brunch classics, desserts and coffee-infused delights – many of which you can find across our cafes today. To celebrate our last few weeks at 3/62 Rose St., we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Fitzroy coffee & brunch moments over the years, as seen through your eyes...

One of the many brunch feasts


And another one because why not?


You took lots of photos on our window bench...


Took your BFF to brunch...


And gathered friends & family at our courtyard


Of course, we can't forget when a few good boys & girls came along




Sometimes brunch was simple with just coffee & treats...


And sometimes it was a rainbow of colours


Our Fruit Sashimi was famous for its close-up shots


And our Avocado Smash in full view


Our Winter Seasonal Dessert was cosy & sweet


Really sweet!


Summers in our courtyard was the place to be


And rainy brunch days were best enjoyed indoors


You enjoyed brunch next to our Roastery and turned the view into art


And our courtyard...


Takeaway cups...


Gave our baristas some art love too...


And had lots of fun with our coffee!


We loved making you coffees...


And seeing you this happy when they arrived...


And when you were excited to take the first sip


There was lots of Bubble Coffee loving moments


And you guys came in for lots of takeaway throughout 2020...


You went straight into dine-in brunch as soon as we were back in full swing


And brought us to a beautiful 2021 just like this Pandan Bubble Waffle sitting pretty in our courtyard.


A special thanks to our community for sharing these memories with us! If you can, join us for brunch before we make the move on May 31st, and stay tuned for details on our new home in the coming weeks.

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