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Meet Our New Decaf: Tumbaga, Colombia

Meet Our New Decaf: Tumbaga, Colombia

Calling all decaf drinkers - we've got an exciting roast for you! Keep reading to discover our current decaf single origin coffee, Tumbaga Colombia.

If you’re a Decaf drinker you may have enjoyed our Mexican SWP (Swiss Water Process) or Selva Negra MWP (Mountain Water Process) decaf single origins over the past few years. Now, we’re delighted to be roasting Tumbaga, Colombia Sugarcane Process in our roasteries.

What is The Sugarcane Process?

It utilises a naturally occurring compound derived from molasses to decaffeinate coffee. The process itself is quite simple; the coffee beans are covered with water and the compound is circulated, binding with the caffeine in the bean and extracting it, while leaving the coffee’s natural flavours behind. At the end, the beans are steamed to remove any residue.

When roasting this coffee, we take the roast time slightly longer, and temperature slightly higher, than a standard single origin espresso roast. The result is a balanced, chocolatey cup with an intense sweetness and gentle citric acidity. If you enjoyed our previous Decaf, we think you’ll love this – with a bigger body and new fruit notes, it’s an elevation in flavour. So try it next time you visit us, or pick up a bag online (with free Australian shipping over $25!).

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