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Yuzu Cascara Spritz

Yuzu Cascara Spritz

Think of our Yuzu Cascara Spritz as spring in a glass.

Cascara is the berry of the coffee plant, which is usually dried for the use of a cherry tea. However, we have taken it that little bit further (as we tend to do) and made a Cascara cold brew, which we’ve matched with a house made yuzu syrup for a delightfully refreshing drink.

To keep this local we have sourced our Cascara from a coffee farm in Nimbin - Northern NSW Australia, grown at the altitude of 300-350 meters. Coffees from this region benefit from a very long 11-12 month maturation along with large diurnal temperature range; this increases the sugar content in the fruit adding to sweetness.

Come give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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