Espresso Blend Fitzroy Street

$32 AUD
blood orange. 

Fitzroy Street is our signature blend and the house espresso at our original roastery & cafe in Fitzroy. It's the OG Industry Beans blend, which we have evolved and modernised over time.

Fitzroy Street is equally delicious black and with milk, with its bright acidity, dark fruit notes and smooth finish making it a versatile blend fit for any purpose.


  • 33% San Manuel HONDURAS
  • 33% Palo Alto, Colombia
  • 34% Nyagashiha, BURUNDI

San Manuel, Honduras - This coffee comes to us from San Manuel de Colohete in the Opalaca Region, a community known for its churches, cool climate and high quality coffee. It contributes the silky body and milk chocolate note characteristic of our signature blend

Palo Alto, Colombia - Sourced from the Caniforte collective in the in the town of Santander de Quilichao, a region boasting some of Colombia’s richest soils and microclimates. This excellent coffee brings a vibrant acidity to the blend, into a balanced cup with tropical fruit and chocolate notes

Nyagashiha, Burundi - The Nyagashiha washing station is part of the Akawa project which helps producers by focussing on good agricultural practices, environmental and social responsibility. The currant and berry notes of this coffee contribute to the moreish acidity of Fitzroy Street blend


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