Brewista Smart Scale 2

$139 AUD

Made with a focus on precision and efficiency, the Brewista Smart Scale 2 has all the features you need to perfect your home espresso or filter brew. 
With a water-resistant coating and silicone cover, the scale will perform no matter the environment - you can set it on an espresso machine drip tray or on the bench with your pourover. The built-in timer makes it simple to perfect your brew without any additional equipment.

  • A precision scale that measures to 0.1g
  • Six brewing modes for espresso and filter brewing
  • A built-in timer that can automatically turn on once you start brewing
  • Water-resistant coating for durability
  • Rechargeable battery with micro USB port (cable not included)
  • Material: Stainless Steel Plate, Rubber Coated Plastic Body, Clear Acrylic Cover
  • Capacity: 2kgs
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 107mm x 18 mm

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