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IB Bubble Cup

IB Bubble Cup

Most of us know the Bubble Tea has a Taiwanese tea drink, that was created by Taichung in the 80's. While working in a tea shop Taichung decided to create something a little more interesting.

From venturing Vietnam over the years to walking the streets of Melbourne CBD, we have tried all types of Bubble Tea - milky, fruity and some even herbal. We took it upon ourselves to create what was missing... The first specialty coffee bubble cup!

We first created the ORIGINAL IB Bubble Cup, combining cold drip coffee and our house-made consoy (a special blend of condensed milk and soy milk) with coffee-soaked tapioca pearls.

With such a strong response to ORIGINAL, we decided to treat our dedicated bubble cup loving friends to two additional flavours. If you haven't tried these new additions, they are a must!

Strawberry and Vanilla

Cold drip infused overnight with fresh, local strawberries and a hint of vanilla to finish.

Coconut and Kaffir Lime

To change things up a little we decided to infuse the consoy with fresh kaffir lime leaves and a splash of coconut.

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