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Our 5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee

Our 5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew season is here! With the warmer temperature and lots of sunny days ahead, it's the perfect season to enjoy a cold brew coffee at home, in our cafes, or on a picnic with friends & family. There's also lots of ways to do it, from grabbing a slab of our 4-pack cans, making your own filter brew at home, or order it for dine-in or takeaway at any of our cafes.

Read more below to find out all the ways how!


The perfect companion to take with you, wherever you are! We've brewed our Cold Brew Cans with one of our most premium single origins: Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia and filtered to clarity with the Industry Beans 100% PureProcess™. They come in Still and Sparkling for an extra spritz, and highlights tasting notes of white peace, fuji apple and toffee - yum!


Bring a little sparkling delight with you with our Cascara Spritz. Brewed from the coffee cherry, cascara, has a uniquely refreshing flavour, great for when you need some natural energy. It's nourishing for the body & mind, is rich in natural antioxidants and it's the secret superfood of the coffee industry. It's a one-of-a-kind effervescent drink that won't disappoint.


Making cold brew at home is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Hario Cold Brew Bottle. No literally - all you have to do is fill the mesh infuser with coarsely ground coffee, submerge into the carafe with cold water, and leave to brew overnight. Pair it with any of our Filter Single Origins and you have rich & refreshing cold brew coffee ready anytime you need it.


One of our all time warm-weather favourites - the Fitzroy Iced. It's a light, refreshing and a cafe-favourite drink that can be on-the-go, too. Order it takeaway or have it in-store, either way, it's totally smashable and incredibly delicious. We've brewed it with our Single Origin Cold Brew Can, so you can easily recreate thios classic at home.



For the ultimate fun cold brew coffee drink, try our Bubble Coffee that comes in Original, Pandan and Salted Caramel, plus a Vegan option, too. Made cold brew, coffee-soaked tapioca pearls, condensed & soy milks - it's definitely something unique and a sweet treat to enjoy, no matter the weather outside. Order it for takeaway through the Industry Beans App or pair it with brunch or pastries from any of our cafes.

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