Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

$259 AUD

The electric pour-over kettle for coffee lovers, the Stagg EKG boasts variable temperature control, gooseneck spout, and a stunning, minimalist design with a matte black finish.

Equally suitable for a home kitchen or bustling café, this kettle has become the standard of choice for specialty coffee enthusiasts around the world.

  • A Precision gooseneck spout and counter-balanced handle set you up for a more balanced pour
  • Variable Temperature Control displayed on a LCD screen
  • A 60 minute hold option, keeping your water perfectly heated
  • A built in stopwatch to time your brew
  • Material: 304 stainless steel kettle body and lid; plastic base
  • Temperature range: 57-100 degrees Celsius
  • Capacity: 900ml 
  • Weight: 11180g (including kettle base)
  • Dimensions: 267mm x 191mm x 197mm

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